Luka Brase in China - 19th May 2018

SK version - About my travel, and exhibitions in China from 17:50 min.

Luka Brase at TV Markiza “ Reflex “

SK - Version - About my travel and working in trains, exhibitions, studio in Bratislava and much more

Luka at RTVS - Slovak national television “ Slovensko v obrazoch “

SK - Version - Visiting my brand new studio in mountains and exhibition at Bratislava Airport

Luka Brase in New York - 4th September 2016

SK version - Talking in TV studio about my exhibition called " Luka Brase Meets New York " at BBLA Gallery from 20.27 min.

Young and successful - 20th November 2016

SK Version - Talking serie with young and successful slovaks working on different fields

Luka Brase Old Town Boy - 15th March 2015

SK Version - Exhibition at gallery F7 Old town Bratislava from 4.30 min.

Luka Brase - The Return of The Lost Son - 9th September 2015

Exhibition at unique Ericsson Palace. The Ericsson Palace is located in the very centre of Prague on Malé Náměstí next to the Old Town Square. The building meets all modern requirements while retaining all of its historical features. It is part of the cultural heritage list.

Lukagraphy - Gallery SPP - Bratislava, Slovakia

Produced by : Tomas Brejk, Film by : Vlado Straka

Bratislava Airport Exhibition Interview (SK Version)

Radio Devin – Special exhibition at VIP lounge at Bratislava Airport showed my visual diaries from travels thru Europe. I draw this pieces in Berlin, London, Paris, Vienna etc. Big art glass works with David Bowie and Drawing clown was display too.



Kazakhstan Journey Interview (SK Version)

Radio Devin – My talks about our travel to Kazakhstan, country full of culture, smiling people and pure happiness. We visited also EXPO 2017 exhibition in Astana. After this trip i created series of drawings inspired by this wonderful country in central Asia.


Shanghai & Beijing Exhibitions Interview (SK Version)

Radio Devin – My second trip to China was full of inspiration and travel between Shanghai and Beijing by one of the fastest train in the world. I also visited Great Wall of China and make my big exhibitions in this cities. We talked about my chinese influences and experience.



Old Town Boy Interview – Galéria F7, Bratislava (SK Version)

First exhibition which was made in old town of the Bratislava. Over the years i always came back to old town from my international exhibitions.

Portal na Orave Dobre – SK version – May 2018

Luka Brase: „Keď žiješ svoj sen, nemôžeš byť unavený.“ Link na článok: TU


Milliardsun Magazine (SK Version) March 2018

My Cover drawing + big interview about my works, exhibitions. travels and much more

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Newspaper Pravda – June 2016 – SK version

Link na článok: TU


SPP GALLERY ( SK Version )  November 2014 – January – 2015

Our exhibition at one of the biggest and modern gallery in Bratislava called  ” Luka Brase meets Draw in Lights ”

SPP galeria

Štýl&Elán magazín – Interview 2014

with permission of SLOVNAFT, a.s.

Štýl Elán - Luka Brase - Press


NHOW GALLERY ( DE Version ) August 2014

Was wäre denn die tollste Party ohne stylische Flyer und abgefahrene Lichtinstallationen? Beides verbindet Luka Brase in einem einzigartiken Projekt. Er vereint Elektronik und Lasertechnik. Luka stammt aus der Slovakei und gehört zu den aufstrebensten Künstlern des Landes. Zusammen mit Martin Gabco (Lichtingenieur), Bohus (Soundingenieur) und Peter (Cinematograph) hat er ein einzigartiges Werk geschaffen.