Luka Brase Exhibition

Wien 15. & 16.10.2020

Not far from the Golden Quarter and the historical gilded Anker clock, the series of Luka Brase’s Viennese exhibitions continues in the spacious rooms of Coore Immobilien.  Following ‘Inside’ 1&2 and ‘Side by Side’, ‘Luka Brase – The Golden Side – Wien’ exhibits the latest work of the visual artist from Slovakia.

This time, Luka expands the horizons of his stories on bigger canvases and in colors more courageous than ever. Luka’s signature pen drawing attracts every eye, eager to explore meticulous details. His brave colorful brush strokes step out of the paintings as brave spirits enchanting our senses. The golden touch shimmering throughout the gallery underlines the value of the artistic experience of those who dare to study and re-tell.

The opening took place on October 15 and October 16 and the exhibition will run until November 15, 2020.