The exhibition Luka Brase Side by Side in Desiderio N.1 Art Lounge in Vienna shows my latest work.

The opening took place on July 30 and the exhibition will run till August 31, 2020.

Luka’s previous Viennese exhibitions “Inside Wien” 1 and 2 signified the penetration of his art into the Viennese atmosphere. However, this exhibition, in collaboration with the excellent Desiderio, is about something else. It is about connecting with the people around us, about connecting the artist and his inspiration, about connecting the language of Luka’s talent and the written language. And most importantly, this exhibition celebrates the bright light that constantly accompanies Luka’s inspiration and motivation to create.

In the times when people choose contactless living, Luka Brase does not lose his devotion to tangible emotions. Human positivism and the fullness of life remain the source of his inspiration. Luka’s art did not stop, on the contrary, it develops into new, growing dimensions with a bright light on his side.

Photos: Paulina Ščepková